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Our Story

We are an Anglican evangelical church in the heart of Wandsworth. 

Since its beginnings as one of the first towns surrounding early London, Wandsworth

has been a busy and bustling area.


As far back as the 13th century, there has been a church on the site of what is today All Saints. The present building dates from the 18th century but contains several monuments from the earlier building, particularly the 1420 brass to Nicolas Maudyt, Henry V's Serjeant at Arms, and fine 17th century memorials to Henry Smith, the famous philanthropist, and Susanna Powell.


John Wesley preached here in the late 18th century, and H. G. Wells was married here in 1891. The tower of All Saints was bombed in 1941 but restored in 1955.


As the local population increased in the 19th century, Holy Trinity was built in 1863,

and the tower was added in 1888. With a world famous organ, top quality bells and stunning stained glass windows, Holy Trinity was a truly spectacular church of its time.

The two churches came together to form one parish under the previous vicar, Rev Greg Prior. By combining the churches, Wandsworth itself is united under one parish church.

Over the past few years, both church buildings have undergone significant renovations.

All Saints had a revamp at the back of the church adding a servery area and Holy Trinity has undergone a complete renovation. 

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