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Father Willis Organ

When Holy Trinity was first built, the organist (or as recorded in the language of the day, he who 'Presided at the Organ') was Mr. Otto Goldschmidt, the German pianist and composer who founded the Bach Choir and was Vice-President of Royal Academy of Music.


In November 1889, the current organ was installed at Holy Trinity and it was presented by Mr. J. D. Charrington of the famous brewery family. This organ was built by Messers. Henry Willis and Sons from designs by Dr. Bridge of Westminster Abbey. It is very much a ‘Father’ Willis Organ, erected at the height of the career of the foremost organ builder of the Victorian era.


From 1851 – 1901 ‘Father’ Willis built over one thousand organs and evidence of his work is to be found in a large number of cathedrals. As might be expected, the superb tonal qualities of this instrument would be difficult to surpass and it is a successful combination of the lovely 19th century romantic sounds with the true classical tone.


During the refurbishment of Holy Trinity Church in 2012 - 2014, the opportunity was taken to undertake certain repair and restoration works to the organ which comprised:

  • The removal, re-leathering and reinstatement of the Swell organ bellows.

  • The removal of the zinc case pipes on both organ fronts so that they could be cleaned, sprayed and lacquered.


  • On site repairs to the Swell, Great and Choir manual chests.

  • The removal of part of the Great key action and repair, the removal of the main bellows from the Barker Lever mechanism for re-leathering, and the re-regulation of the manual key action.

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