Home Resources

To help stengthen our spiritual walk throughout home isolations:

Thy Kingdom Come

Global Prayer Movement

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. It takes place in churches around the world between Ascension Day and Pentecost. Our church will be joining from Thursday 21 May. Please make use of the PRAYER CARD and BOOKLET.

Big Church Day In

Online Family Praise

Big Church Day Out is coming indoors this weekend! Worship together in the company of some of the best Christian artists in the world. If you like music festivals and Jesus then this is for you.

SATURDAY 23 MAY - Watch on TBNuk, 11:30am

SUNDAY 24 MAY - Watch on YouTube, 12pm [Tom's Stage, 3pm - Worship Tent, 5pm -


Psalms with Geoff

Podcast Series

Psalms with Geoff is a triweekly podcast series from Wandsworth Church. Rev Geoff Coyne will journey with us  through the Psalms as lockdown continues, posting new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Awesome Cutlery

All-Age Bible Songs

Their mission is to help families worship Jesus together. Awesome Cutlery is Gareth Loh and Dan Adams. They are both dads and church pastors, and Awesome Cutlery is something they do in our spare time. 



Christianity Explored


SOUL is a life-changing journey for your +15 group through Mark's Gospel in seven interactive sessions. These videos have been made freely available until the end of June 2020


All-Age Bible Songs

Their first album, ("Your Word") is a collection of of theology-rich all-age Bible songs. Memorable melodies to help make Gospel truths memorable (Col 3:16).

Bible Crafts 

Big Picture

Download the Big Picture Bible Craft resource to teach children the Bible in a clever way.

Faith in Kids 

Family Resource


Head to the Faith in Kids website for some excellent resources to encourage the whole family in faith during lockdown.

Amazon Audible

Free Audio Stories

Amazon audible have made lots of their kids audio books available for free in lockdown.

Daily Bible Devotional 


Dan's Daily Devotional

This excellent 'no frills' podcast is a simple

5 minute daily study in Colossians that will encourage and strengthen you in home isolation.

Dan Hames, is a minister at St Aldates Oxford and contributor for Union Theology.




Dr Mike Forward will be presenting an overview of the Bible over three comprehensive sessions.
Each week contains two teaching sessions with a coffee break in between.